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The Future of Learning. CSTD Symposium, May '04. Windows Media. All over the map with Stephen Downes, Rob Pearson, Lisa Neal, and me yammering on for about an hour. Collaboration Supercharges Performance, ASTD International. Macromedia Breeze. Covers blogs, RSS, information overload, complexity, time acceleration, network models, value of collaboration, Emergent Learning Forum, social network software, and more.

Vision for Emergent Learning Forum, Macromedia Breeze, 15 minutes.

Trends in Collaborative Learning (Macromedia Breeze) Keynote presentation for Collaborative Learning '04

Implementing eLearning, (Webex) Presentation by Lance Dublin & Jay Cross, October 8, 2003. More than 350 people attended the live presentation.

Writing the Next Chapter of eLearning (Macromedia Breeze) slides from Interwise webinar with Boston eLearning Association, July 2003. No sound.

Blogs (Macromedia Breeze) very short, from Interwise webinar with Boston eLearning Association, July 2003

A Pocketful of Memes (Macromedia Breeze) Jay's Keynote at I-KNOW 03 in Graz, Austria. July 2003

Implementing eLearning (Windows Media streaming video) Jay and Lance's presentation at TechLearn 2002, November 2002

eLearning is not Important (streaming, Icohere) Jay's presentation for Collaborative Learning 2002, November 2002.


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