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CSS Smorgasbord II

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A List Apart on CSS

webmonkey on CSS

Better Living Through XHTML

These people must be idiots. This is so 1999.

    Thank you for visiting the online EAI Symposium & Expo – the most significant conference ever produced on application integration & Web services.

    The EAI Xpo has been initially produced to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher on Windows 95 or higher, browsers used by over 85% of Internet users. The most recent versions of Internet Explorer include much more comprehensive and sophisticated graphic capabilities than other browsers, including Netscape browsers. These enhanced capabilities are required when producing a rich multi-media experience such as the EAI Xpo and save considerable time and expense in programming. Therefore, the EAI Xpo has been launched first for the later editions of Internet Explorer.

9rules not only has great advice and links; the sites themselves are examplary.

9rules, Whitespace

CSS vault


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